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We roast and sell some of the best coffees the world has to offer. These beans are bought at auctions by our importers, and usually command prices much higher than beans which go into the mass-produced coffee markets, so they are traded at prices usually exceeding the 'fair trade' standards. However, we recognize the added value of having Fair Trade Certification to many of our customers, so that they can be assured of fairness to the grower. As well, the finer coffees are grown in traditional methods, under shade at high altitudes with traditonal cultivation methods. But Organic certification is an added assurance to our customers that there is oversight of the organic process in growing the beans. The certification process adds some cost, so we have selected beans of superior quality that we feel warrant their price.

We currently offer four of the world's finest FTO certified coffees: Gayo Mountain Sumatra Mandheling. Guatemalan Huehuetenago, Ethiopian Yrgacheffee, and Peruvian Valle Rio Apurimac. Enjoy them with peace of mind.

Fair Trade Organic Coffees